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  • a little about DeeLyn Design in our GNCCF showcase

    Liverpool based jeweller DeeLyn's work features in this years trailblazing event here at Manchester Art Gallery.
  • a little abount Carolyne Ekong Textiles in our GNCCF showcase

    Carolyne Ekong tactile pieces just make you smile.
  • a little about Carolyn Sara Design in our GNCCF showcase

    Carloyn Sara's bold and exciting textiles back by popular demand.
  • a little about Ashi Marwaha in our GNCCF showcase

    Ashi Marwaha's jewellery was selected for the graphic tactile quality of her stand out pieces.
  • a little about Tori Lo in our GNCCF showcase

    I can't see gorgeous purses by Tori Lo Designs hanging around for long!


  • a little about Bridget Timoney in our GNCCF trailblazer

    Bridget produces beautiful lidded bottles, where the process of making is central to the work.
  • a little about Sarah Sanders in our GNCCF showcase

    Selected for our showcase Sarah's stand out pieces from a distance are bold, bright and playful.

  • a little about Morag Macpherson in our GNCCF showcase

    Morag’s garments are the perfect choice to coincide with our Unpicking Couture exhibition.
  • a little about Kyra Mihailovic in our GNCCF showcase

    ‘Nothing beautiful unless useful’ - Kyra Mihailovic’s works echo that sentiment - being both beautiful and designed to bring pleasure when used.
  • Our fabulous Showcase Winner Anastassia Zamaraeva

    We are delighted to award Anastassia the prize of a solo showcase and see her work once again on display in the gallery shop.
  • Our fabulous collaboration with Mr PS

    Mr PS hankies have been a hit here at Manchester Art Gallery shop, so we are really thrilled to have collaborated with Mr PS on an exclusive handkerchief.  
  • Dress for Joy thanks to Huddersfield Screenprinting Co.

    We are so excited to have worked with Huddersfield Screenprinting to create a new range of t-shirts, bags and some very cute things for babies