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All About Blue Patch

Blue Patch is the UK's most ethical business directory - 100% of its profit funds community-owned renewable energy and supports local businesses in the UK and Ireland.

In 2019 they invested in Brighton Energy Coop's Solar Schools and in 2020 in Low-Carbon Hub in Oxfordshire. In addition to this five community-owned green energy shares are created every time a business joins or renews their membership.

As the Blue Patch Collective grows into a mature national movement, every penny of profit will finance the new green economy, protecting our planet's fragile ecosystem and fighting climate change.


Blue Patch's member businesses share core values of reducing carbon, protecting biodiversity, sustaining local employment and minimising waste.

How they select members

Specialist curators handpick every member. Beginning with a conversation, the curators ensure businesses are principled, local and sustainable and producing in the UK and Ireland. 

Global Impact businesses based in the UK and Ireland that work in ethical and fairtrade global partnerships are also welcomed e.g organic farmers cooperatives, positive impact artisanal projects and circular economy innovations.

Getting to grips with sustainability

Sustainability is complex, there are many aspects from supply chain, to production methods and logistics.

Each Blue Patch member is unique, addressing different aspects of sustainability, from introducing circular economy principles where their products are refilled or rented to removing plastics entirely from their packaging. For instance Denby is zero to landfill and Chloe Hayward's water bottle covers are utilising waste cashmere. Play Press are plastic free and currently redesigning their packaging to be integral to the toy. 

Taking the concept of local,Blue Patch is also committed to 'sustaining' jobs. James Ince's East London workshops have been going for over 200 years, and their umbrella making skills are passed down the generations. This history is priceless and so too are their employees.

Sustainability is dynamic, every single member of the Collective is on a journey towards net zero and building a vibrant local economy. Moreover they are backing Blue Patch's mission to fight climate change by funding community-owned renewable energy.

Discover the unique ways each of our members tackle sustainability

When you visit the Blue Patch directory you can see where the business is located and their business affiliation logos. For instance a furniture maker may use FSC wood, another company employing vulnerable people may have a social enterprise logo. Blue Patch checks every affiliation with the issuing organisation.Customers can ask questions, give feedback and encourage each business on their path to sustainability via the directory too.

In addition, Enterprise members share their 'Story and ethos'. History, working process, sustainability achievements and plans for the year ahead, often backed up by a short film.