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a little about Tori Lo in our GNCCF showcase

Tori Lo designs have sent us some gorgeous purses for our GNCCF trailblazer - I can't see these pieces hanging around for long!

I just love the way Vicky Wade, founder of Tori Lo describes her craft so I'm going to quote it unedited...

'Founded in 2015 by designer Vicky Wade, Tori Lo emerged as a haven of artisanal leather craft on the serene North East coast of England, a brand that seamlessly marries traditional techniques with imaginative artistic flair. At the heart of Tori Lo's philosophy lies the meticulous art of working with vegetable-tanned leather, a process that exudes authenticity and finesse.

The journey of creating each Tori Lo masterpiece is a laborious symphony of craftsmanship. It commences with the careful selection of premium vegetable-tanned cowhide, chosen not only for its inherent durability but also for its ability to evolve gracefully over time. Every hide, a blank canvas.

The transformative process begins with dyeing, an art form in itself. Here, fun and creative dyeing techniques take centre stage, meticulously hand-colouring each hide to achieve a distinctive and one-of-a-kind surface. The dyes, carefully chosen for their vibrancy and compatibility with the leather, intermingle to create captivating gradients and intricate hues.

Once the dyeing process is complete, the leather is cut by hand, honouring the age-old tradition that pays homage to the artisan's touch. Precision and attention to detail are paramount.

 Gavin Forster Photography

The soul of Tori Lo's products comes alive through the saddle-stitching technique, an intricate method that requires an adept touch. Guided by practiced hands, each stitch weaves a story, a connection between the past and the present. This technique, passed down through generations, imparts a sense of permanence and integrity to the final product.

 Gavin Forster Photography

At the core of Tori Lo's philosophy is an unwavering commitment to producing leather goods that transcend the ephemeral trends of fashion. With a minimalist aesthetic, each creation emanates a timeless appeal that stands the test of time. Quality and longevity reign supreme, mirroring the intrinsic nature of leather itself. As the years unfold, a beautiful patina emerges, an ever-evolving testament to the product's journey and the memories it has shared.’

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