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a little about Bridget Timoney in our GNCCF trailblazer

For some years now we have been partnering with Great Northern Events to showcase some of the UK’s finest designer-makers in a run up to the annual Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair. Bridget Timoney is one of our selected ceramicists, originally from Ireland now based in North Devon. Bridget produces beautiful lidded bottles, where the process of making is central to the work.

Taking inspiration from the seemingly ordinary her love of pattern, line and colour combine to create contemporary forms that embrace the natural imperfections and qualities of the materials and decorating techniques.

Intrigued by what happens when a straight line is drawn on a curved surface, Bridget explores how the shape of the form is softly accentuated by the curve of the line which can go in unexpected directions. The piece takes on a life of its own and in this is the excitement - never exactly knowing how the piece will look when the kiln is opened.

The team was drawn to the contemporary line and form of Bridget's pieces, that feel so fresh against this natural material.

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