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How To Be An Artist

How To Be An Artist

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As the witty and passionate chief art critic for New York magazine, Jerry Saltz is often approached by artists, both amateur and professional, asking him for advice: How do I get started? How do I get better? Is what I’m doing even art at all? They want to know, in short, how to be an artist.

Now, expanding on his viral cover story for New York magazine – and drawing on his decades of immersion in the art world – Saltz has the answers. How to Be An Artist is an indispensable book of practical inspiration for creative people of all kinds. Brimming with dozens of brand new rules, prompts, exercises, and tips designed to break through creative blocks, ignite motivation, and conquer bad habits, this book is designed to help artists of all kinds – painters, photographers, writers, performers – realise their dreams.

Includes such advice as:
– Make art for now, not the future
– No, you don’t need graduate school
– Recognise convention, and resist constraint
– Get lost
– Listen to the wildest voices in your head
– Know what you hate (it’s probably you)
– Finish the damn thing!
– How to recover from critical injuries